Indian Artifacts

Ohio's history strecthces thousands of years into the past. Durring prehistoric times ancient hunters tracked game and lived off of the resources of this land. The tools they left behind help to tell the story of how they lived.


Knife and Point types

Adena Clovis Kirk Bifurcate Pine Tree  
Adena Blade Decatur Kirk Stemmed Stringtown
Archaic CN Dovetail Lake Erie Thebes
Ashtabula Dovetail -NB MacCorkle Thebes E-Notch
Base Notch Fish Spear Meadowood Transitional
Big Sandy Heavy Duty Other Bifurcates Triangles
Bird Points Hopewell Paleo Lance  
Bottle Neck Jacks Reef Paleo SL  
Broadblade Keiser Pentagonal  


Flint Tools

Blades Drills Eccentrics Salavaged Spokeshaves


Slate and Hardstone

Axes Bannerstones Birdstones Celts Gorgets
Pendants Pestles Others  


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